Matt Lacquer


Color: – Matt Lacquer has finishes that are available in a wide range of vibrant colors which retain their hue and brightness for years.


Lacquered surfaces range from matte and rubberized to liquid gloss, offering a wide range of possibilities.

Design: – Each of our projects in which we offer full home cabinetry of custom designed with many different combinations and variations of our materials.


Designers revisit time-honored ornamental lacquer techniques and effects

Good to know: – Matte Lacquer to high-gloss shine lacquers are combined with different types of metals, lending a visual contrast to statement lighting and furniture.


 At the other end of the scale, home wares go strictly minimalist with tonal color ways, fine edges, angular shapes and matte lacquers

Key Features: – Resistant to water and humidity, they give an exclusive textured wood effect. Our melamine is the result of extraordinary research.

Matt Lacquer Used

Matt lacquered boards are melamine resin coated MDF boards, which are finished in a process matching the surface. Due to the CCI UV coating technology they clearly stand out from conventional lacquered boards. The surfaces are resistant to micro-scratches and retain their gloss effect yet not too glossy somewhere in between.

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