Glossy Lacquer


Color: – Glossy Lacquer’s intense shine gives it a mirror like quality, so make sure the setting it reflects is attractive.

Design: – Glossy Lacquer Finish - In the most modern of spaces, you will find slab doors in gorgeous, glossy finishes. This highlydesired finish is achieved via several door materials and finish options.


Example of a minimalist open concept kitchen design in Miami with flat-panel cabinets and white cabinets

Glossy Laquer Used

Our high quality wood materials have natural finishes that exalt the beauty of the grain, knots and special hand selected effect. Touch and appearance is extraordinary.​

Good to know: – Glossy Lacquer isn't the lowest-maintenance finish — it looks best when it's kept pristine, but dust and finger smudges can build up quickly. Dust walls once a week with a very soft, lint-free cloth such as microfiber, or use a feather duster.

Key Features: – Glossy Laquer works great in open areas with natural lighting, light reflecting off that shiny surface quickens the pulse of a space, so be cautious about using lacquer in bedrooms and other areas where you might prefer to relax.

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