Fabric Materials

Good to know: –  If you’re looking for the perfect balance between old and new, our Fabric series will give an unrivaled palette of solutions which will give meaning to your ideas, in a modern, fresh, and unique design..

Key Features: – Each panel is custom cut and wrapped in your fabric choice for a tight border without using a metal frame. This straight edge fabric finish makes it easy to butt panels next to each other to build your acoustic design to any size.

Color: – Fabric wrapped frameless are designed with large scale applications and high-traffic spaces in mind, ideal for home and commercial spaces.


Color varies in cross-matching on the textures and overall design. Anything for highs and lowes color pallets. Your combinations can be endless. 

Design: – We can take an aesthetic leap and come up with other trends, such as vintage-style mosaics, which sometimes bring to mind textiles, and embroidery techniques like cross stitching.

Fabric Used

Now, more than ever, we seek a cozy atmosphere, one that shields us from the cold outside. We like to wrap and surround ourselves with wool, corduroy, tweed, and angora, which warm and comfort us. This is what the FABRIC & TWEED series encompasses, using patterns found in these fabrics, and bringing durability, cleanliness, and ease of maintenance.

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